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CDA Professional Designations Program:

(Coalition Designated Appraiser)

Updated 09/30/2017

CDA General Designation                                                                                CDA Residential Designation


The NCPAC awards one professional real property appraisal designation – the CDA (Coalition Designated Appraiser). The CDA member is qualified to appraise all types of real property and property interests for which they possess competency in accordance with the USPAP Competency Rule.

To qualify, a member must be a state certified general or state certified residential appraiser, pass written examinations, validate years of professional practice, demonstrate appropriate appraisal proficiency, and meet high standards of personal integrity. Only those who meet specific requirements relating to experience, examination, and demonstration, are eligible to receive a designation.

An applicant for designation must be a member in good standing of the NCPAC. Required criteria include professional demeanor and good moral character in professional appraisal practice and in communication with other appraisers, members of NCPAC, and the general public, plus attendance and participation in NCPAC meetings, functions and activities.

I. Education:
Applicants must attest that the qualifying and continuing education requirements have been satisfied. Qualifying and continuing education must meet the requirements of the North Carolina Appraisal Board (NCAB). Applicants may also be required to take and get credit for an appropriate NCPAC designation qualification course. Receiving credit for such a course may be accomplished by:

1) Challenging the appropriate examinations with or without auditing the course, or

2) By enrolling in the designation qualification course for credit and successfully passing the examination.

The NCPAC designation qualification course and CDA examination will be provided at the NCPAC annual conference for CDA applicants who have met the educational and experience qualifications. Payment of standard class tuition may be required of applicants who wish to receive credit for a NCPAC designation qualification course.

Applicants for the CDA designation must have earned the number of hours of qualifying education required to obtain a certified credential, 15 hours of which must be Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. Once an appraiser has been awarded the CDA Designation, they will be required to take an additional 7-hour continuing education (CE) course during the normal 2-year cycle of continuing education (CE), as established by the North Carolina Appraisal Board (NCAB). The additional 7-hour course, which will be offered by NCPAC during the NCPAC annual conference may, or may not, be recognized by the North Carolina Appraisal Board (NCAB) for qualifying continuing education (CE) credit.

II. Experience:
An applicant for the CDA designation must also have been actively engaged in real property appraisal practice according to the following experience criteria:

A CDA applicant must have a minimum of 5 years of experience within the appraisal profession. Exceptions to this experience requirement are at the discretion of the Designations Committee and NCPAC Board of Directors.

A CDA applicant must be prepared to demonstrate proficiency in completing complex appraisal assignments in compliance with USPAP, with a minimum of two approaches to value developed in their example report(s).

Applicants must be prepared to submit a work log so that the Designations Committee may choose one or more example(s) of authentic work product for review and approval prior to the award of the CDA. The NCPAC Board must approve any subsequent changes in these criteria.

III. Other Criteria:
Professional demeanor and good moral character in professional appraisal practice and in communication with other appraisers, members of NCPAC, and the general public, plus attendance and participation in NCPAC meetings, functions and activities are important criteria. Attendance and participation in a minimum of one (1) NCPAC annual conference within each 2-year cycle of continuing education, as established by the North Carolina Appraisal Board (NCAB), is required of each appraiser who has been awarded the CDA designation.

When a qualified member of the NCPAC meets these requirements, he/she a may submit an application for designation with a non-refundable application fee. If the application is accepted, that applicant shall submit a log of completed appraisal assignments that meets the published experience evidence requirements.

A designated member, who subsequently retires (not a voluntary surrender or revocation due to disciplinary proceedings) her/his license, will be able to maintain her/his designation.

IV. Formal Application:
Each application for designation is to be made on the official "Application for Designation" form furnished by the NCPAC Designations Committee and shall be accompanied by a $50 non-refundable application fee.

Applicants shall truthfully answer all items related to good moral character in compliance with the NCPAC Ethics Code. Full disclosure of all relevant application information is required, including, but not limited to, information, circumstances and events that may occur or become evident after the date of application.

Any individual who knowingly makes false statements, submits false information or fails to disclose information requested on the application, shall be subject to discipline pursuant to Article III of the NCPAC Rules and Regulations. Any Applicant for Designation, if convicted of a crime, shall be subject to discipline pursuant to Article III of the NCPAC Rules and Regulations.

V. Appraisal Report Submission Requirements
Subject to approval by the Designations Committee, an applicant may choose "Option A" for the CDA Residential Designation, or, "Option B" for the CDA General Designation as follows:

Option A (Residential):

Submit two summary reports of completed appraisals of a residential properties or an improved multifamily, commercial, industrial or institutional property that included application of at least two approaches to value in each report, and when combined, demonstrate application all three approaches to value. For each report, if one or more approaches to value were excluded the report must adequately explain any exclusion(s).

Option B (General):

Submit one summary report of a completed appraisal report of a commercial income-producing property or an improved multifamily, commercial, industrial or institutional property, which includes application of all three approaches to value, demonstrating the appropriate methods of analysis.

VI. Designations Committee
The NCPAC board of directors herein establishes the Designations Committee as a Standing Committee. The members of the initial Designations Committee shall be appointed by the presiding president subject to confirmation by the NCPAC board. Such appointments should be made based upon the competency and experience needed to provide objective analysis of each CDA applicant in a timely manner. Henceforth, each newly elected president may propose up to 5 candidates for the Designations Committee, subject to the NCPAC Board confirmation. These new candidates must have the CDA designation and be able and willing to serve the mission of the Designations Committee competently, objectively, and without bias.

The number of the Designations Committee members and any changes to the Designations Program must be approved by the NCPAC Board upon the review and recommendation of the then existing Designations Committee.

Application Steps:
To make an application for the CDA General Designation or CDA Residential Designation follow these steps for the

Step 1) Download or request a copy of the CDA Application for Designation form.

ONLINE METHOD: CLICK HERE to be directed to the link to download the CDA Application for Designation form online. 

MANUAL METHOD: Send an email to NCPAC at requesting a CDA Application for Designation form. 

Step 2) Receive from NCPAC (via the online or manual method) your CDA Application for Designation form. Fill out the form completely, then sign and date it. You will send this completed document back to NCPAC. (See Steps 3 through 5 below.)

Step 3) Pay your non-refundable application fee of $50 via the online or manual method (by check via postal mail). 
ONLINE METHOD: Once we have recieved your application, you will be sent a bill and you can pay through the link provided with the invoice.

MANUAL METHOD: You can send your $50 check along with your application and example report(s) if you do not want to pay online. 

Step 4) Provide your example appraisal(s): one report (1) for a general appraiser (with all 3 approaches to value) and two (2) reports for a residential appraiser (each with at least 2 approaches to value). These will be sent to NCPAC. (See Step 4 and 5 below.)

Step 5) If you have paid online, send the completed application, and your example report(s) electronically to NCPAC: 

ONLINE METHOD: Send by email (PREFERRED) to:​​


Send the application, your example report(s) and $50 check to NCPAC: ​​

MANUAL METHOD:​ By postal mail to:


ATTN: CDA Application for Designation

1821 Hillandale Rd
Ste 1B-145
Durham, NC 27705

If you have ANY questions, contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 919-710-3927.