The North Carolina Professional Appraisers Coalition

NCPAC's Founders Page - Updated 10/07/2023

NCPAC's Founders (listed in alphabetical order): 

M. Curtis West (Born on August 30,1944; Died on May 2, 2023) :  

Archibald H. A. "Baldy" Williams (Still active in NCPAC): 


Douglas G. "Doug" Winner (Still active in NCPAC): 

A message from one of our Founders, M. Curtis West:
"In early 2002, recognizing a need for an organization, dedicated to serving the collective interest of all North Carolina professional appraisers, the three of us (Baldy, Doug, and I) joined together in discussions about how to organize NCPAC. We each wanted to “give back to” and help the profession that had rewarded us in the past. Before NCPAC, it was often difficult to find other appraisers that were willing to help (rather than compete) when you needed information, advice, or assistance in your appraisal practice. It did not take long to realize that, by helping other NC professional appraisers, you are helping yourself as a NC professional appraiser. Since 2002, we each have continued our service to NCPAC."

The North Carolina Professional Appraisers Coalition (NCPAC) was founded on 06/11/2002. It was organized for the purpose of serving and protecting the collective interest of all professional appraisers in North Carolina.