The North Carolina Professional Appraisers Coalition

NCPAC Andy Ledford Award Recipients Page - Updated 10/07/2023

This award is named in honor of Andy Ledford. He was a former loyal NCPAC Officer (the Treasurer) who unselfishly and whole-heartedly assisted the NCPAC organization "above and beyond" the normal call of duty.

This award is given by the President of NCPAC to a member who has shown to be worthy of the award for "continued exceptional service to the North Carolina Professional Appraisers Coalition". Only one Andy Ledford Award is presented each year, and typically, it is presented at the NCPAC Annual Conference.

The NCPAC members listed below have been awarded the NCPAC Andy Ledford Award (listed in descending chronological order):​​

2024 - No Andy Ledford Award has been given, to date.

2023 - No Andy Ledford Award was given in this year.

2022 - No Andy Ledford Award was given in this year.

2021 - Graham D. Smith

2020 - James E. "Jamie" Norman, II

2019 - Dana L. Murray

2018 - Anne H. Morrisette

2017 - Steven L. "Steve" Maher

2016 - Martha A. Healey

2015 - Steven W. Craddock

2014 - S. Cory Gore, Jr.

2013 - David M. DesChamps

2012 - Lauriette W. West-Hoff

2011 - The Andy Ledford Award was created.