The North Carolina Professional Appraisers Coalition

​​​NCPAC Officers - The Executive Committee (5 Members): 
The Officer position of President has a 4-Year Term. One year as President-Elect, one year as President and 2 years as a Past President. There are no Consecutive Term limits.
Elected 2019 – Year 2 of 4-year term, President – Dana L. Murray 

Appointed 2019 - Year 1 of 4-year term, President-Elect – Dwight C. Vinson: 
(Appointed to serve a full 4-year term in 2019)

The Officer position of Vice-President has a 1-Year Term with a limit of 2 Consecutive Terms in the same position.
Appointed 2019 - 2nd term, 2-Year term, Vice-President – Steven W. Craddock: 
(Appointed to serve a full 1-year unexpired term in 2019)

The Officer positions of Secretary and Treasurer have 2-Year Terms with a limit of 2 Consecutive Terms in the same position.
Elected 2020 - 2nd term, 1st Year, Secretary – Anne Lee Baum:  

Appointed 2020 - 2nd term, 1st Year, Treasurer – Richard Barnes, Jr.: 
(Appointed to serve a full 2-year term in 2020)

NCPAC Director Members (8 Members):
All the Director Member positions have a 2-Year Term with NO Consecutive Term Limits. 
Elected 2020 - 1st term, 1st Year, Board Member – Sandra L. Gibby:  

Appointed 2020 - 1st term, 1st Year, Board Member – Timothy M. “Mark” Sessions:  

Re-Elected 2020 - 2nd term, 2nd Year, Board Member – Douglas G. "Doug" Winner:

Elected 2020 - 1st term, 2nd Year, Board Member – Anne H. Morrisette: 

Re-Elected 2020 – 3rd term, 1st Year, Board Member – Michael N. Holt:     

Re-Elected 2020 – 2nd term, 1st Year, Board Member – Steven L. “Steve” Maher: 

Elected 2019 – 2nd term, 1st Year, Board Member – Stephanie A. Foster: 
(Previously appointed to serve a 1-year unexpired term in 2018)

Appointed 2019 - 1st term, 1st Year, Board Member – Leonard C. “Lennie” Breedlove: 
(Appointed to serve a full 2-year unexpired term in 2019)

NCPAC Past Presidents (2):
Past Presidents, after serving as President, serve a 1-Year Term in each of the past President positions below. 
Elected to President-Elect in 2019 - Immediate Past President – Graham D. Smith:  

Elected to President-Elect in 2018 - Former Immediate Past President – James E. "Jamie" Norman II: 

NCPAC Office Staff: 
Administrative Assistant – Martha Healey: - 919-943-5482

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The NCPAC Board of Directors consists of a total of 15 members:

5 Officers; 8 Director Members; and 2 Past Presidents.

2020 -2021 NCPAC Officers and Board of Directors 

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