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Page Last Updated March 7, 2024

NCPAC and the National Urban League

1. In December of 2022 the National Urban League partnered with Wells Fargo in an effort to help diversify the appraisal industry.  Wells Fargo and the National Urban League committed to a $5 million dollar grant towards a new program that aims to increase diversity and reduce barriers to entry in the home appraisal industry starting with Atlanta, Houston and North Carolina areas.

. Julia Matteson McIntosh of Urban League Central Carolinas reached out to the North Carolina Professional Appraisers Coalition (NCPAC) to help in the search for qualified supervisors and trainees that might be a good fit for this program.

3. The Urban Appraisers Initiative (UAI) is currently a pilot program designed to build a pipeline of diverse appraisers through a program that encourages appraiser supervisors to take on a minority trainee.

4. The Urban League Central Carolina (ULCC) is also committed to help provide business management skills specific to the industry, helping participants start, grow and scale an appraisal business.

5. The Urban Appraisers Initiative (UAI) incentivizes supervisors to take on minority trainees by compensating the supervisor for the time taken in this effort.  Currently the program will compensate a supervisor up to $15,000 to train a minority appraiser trainee to acquire the necessary hours for licensure.  With so many people in the appraiser community complaining about the current volume of work this would be a great time to have an additional income while bringing a future appraiser into the profession.

To find out more about the Urban Appraisers Initiative and how you might be able to participate go to  
Urban Appraisers Initiative – Urban League of Central Carolinas (

Are you a minority Trainee struggling to find a Supervisor and would like to apply to be in this program?  Go to  
Urban Appraisers Initiative Trainee Survey | National Urban League (

Are you a North Carolina Certified or General Appraiser who would like to apply to be a Supervising Appraiser for this program?  Go to
Urban Appraisers Initiative Supervisor Survey | National Urban League (


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