The North Carolina Professional Appraisers Coalition

NCPAC Life Member Award Recipients Page - Updated 10/07/2023


According to the NCPAC Bylaws:
"A. The President of NCPAC, with approval by the Board of Directors, may award Life Member status to any of the original incorporators, or to any other member recognized by the President due the member's distinguished service to NCPAC, and/or the member's significant contribution toward fulfillment of the primary objective of NCPAC.
B. Only one Life Member award shall be made in any year.
C. A Life Member of NCPAC shall always be considered a member in good standing, and is not required to pay membership dues."

The NCPAC members listed below have been awarded the NCPAC Life Member Award (listed in descending chronological order):

2024 - No Life Member Award has been given, to date.

2023 - Floyd W. Wicker

2022 - Steven L. Maher

2021 - No Life Member Award was given in this year.

2020 - S. Cory Gore, Jr.

2019 - Steven W. Craddock

2018 - Douglas G. "Doug" Winner

2017 - No Life Member Award was given in this year.

2016 - L. Benjamin "Ben" Atkins

2015 - No Life Member Award was given in this year.

2014 - Lauriette W. West-Hoff

2013 - Harold J. Brubaker

2012 - Archibald H.A. "Baldy" Williams

2011 - M. Curtis West

2010 - The NCPAC Life Member Award was created.