The North Carolina Professional Appraisers Coalition

NCPAC Committees Page - Updated 09/26/2018

AARO (Association of Appraiser Regulatory Officials) Committee/Representative:

     Because we have 3 NCPAC members who have been appointed to the North Carolina Appraisal Board                 (NCAB), there typically is no need for additional representation at AARO.

Appraisal Ethics Committee:

     Chairperson, Lauriette W. West-Hoff

     M. Curtis West

     Charles "Don" Clark

Appraisal Standards & Practices Committee:

     Chairman, M. Curtis West

Budget and Finance Committee:

     Chairman, Dwight C. Vinson

Bylaws Committee:

     Chairperson, Lauriette W. West-Hoff

Committee of 100:

​     No Chairperson. CLICK here to see the list.

Conference Committee (for the 2018 Outer Banks Conference):

     Co-Chairperson, Anne H. Morrisette

     Co-Chairperson, Anne Lee Baum

     Steven W. Craddock

​     Martha A. Schiltz

Designations Committee: 
     Chairman, Graham D. Smith

     Steven W. Craddock     
     Archibald H. A. (Baldy) Williams

     Douglas G. (Doug) Winner

     M. Curtis West

Elections Committee (For the 2018 Election Year): 
     Chairperson, Valerie R. Lanier

     Lauriette W. West-Hoff
     Dana L. Murray

Executive Committee: 
     President - Chairman, Steven W. Craddock
     President-Elect - James E. (Jamie) Norman, II
     Vice-President - Graham D. Smith
     Secretary - Anne H. Morrisette

     Treasurer - Valerie R. Lanier

Peer Assistance and Review Committee:

     Chairman, M. Curtis West
     Archibald H. A. "Baldy" Williams

     Steven L. "Steve" Maher

     Douglas G. "Doug" Winner

Policy and Procedure Committee:

     Chairman, M. Curtis West

Public Relations Committee:

     Chairman, Dana L. Murray

     Douglas G. "Doug" Winner

     Valerie R. Lanier

     Martha A. Schiltz

TAFAC (The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council) Committee/Representative:

     Archibald H. A. "Baldy" Williams (He was the Chairman of this Council in 2015.)

Website Committee:

     Chairman, Steven W. Craddock

     Valerie R. Lanier

     Martha A. Schiltz

     ​M. Curtis West